“Our women held our families together, remembered the stories and songs, and were often the primary Culture Bearers during the years of devastation. If we could somehow honor the place of Women, the Female Principle, the Womb of Creation, and move on to what we, as women, can do to heal our wounded world, by example, by teaching, by putting into practice that internal creative capacity to carve lives of meaning for ourselves, our families, our communities and all people...that would be wonderful, powerful. Let’s go to work on this; it will help us to focus what we, as a Council, are called to do.”
— Georgiana Sanchez, Chairwoman of Wishtoyo's Chumash Women's Elders Council

Establishment of the Chumash Women’s Elders Council (CWEC)

The formation of Wishtoyo’s Chumash Women’s Elders Council (CWEC) is a critical addition to the effort in restoring, preserving, reviving, and protecting the ancient Chumash Village site at Nicholas Canyon. The Elder Chumash Women are the cradle of our cultural preservation and provide the traditional governance for the Village. It is an honor and blessing to have the spiritual support and infinite wisdom of our Traditional Enexiwaš hi ho Šamsukauwiwaš (Respected Elder Women).