Wishtoyo Water Initiative

Wishtoyo's Water Initiative protects and restores California's environment and waters to ensure the state's residents, tribes, and species benefit from clean water, reliable water supplies, rivers with sufficient in-stream flows, and an unpolluted environment. We do so using law, science, restoration projects, watershed monitoring, advocacy, education, and community outreach and organizing. 

Our work is geared towards state wide results, with a special on the ground focus on projects throughout traditional Chumash territory in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angles, Kern, and San Louis Obispo Counties. In 2000, Wishtoyo founded its Ventura Coastkeeper Program to direct our work on projects within Ventura County. 

Enjoy getting familiar with our important campaign areas on the ensuing pages:

  • Reasonable Water Use & In-Stream Flows
  • Clean Water Act Enforcement
  • Native American Endangered Species Campaign
  • Land Use & New Developments 
  • Agritoxins
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Santa Clara River Estuary Restoration Project
  • Watershed Monitoring & Scientific Research
  • Marine Protected Areas 
  • Ventura Coastkeeper