Our members ensure that our organization will grow and continue to work towards the preservation of our state’s ancient Chumash heritage and Native American values, to restore and protect our sacred lands, coasts, and waterways, and to serve the needs of our communities. In all of our work our primary goal is to inspire a connection to, and responsibility for, the environment, resources, and human family that sustain us all.

Wishtoyo offers various levels of Membership for our friends and supporters who wish to make a commitment to our organization and an investment in the work we are doing.

Qaši - Abalone - $25
Yuxnuc - Hummingbird - $50
Hew - Brown Pelican - $100
'Alolk'oy - Dolphin - $500
Paxat - Blue Whale - $1,000

For larger gifts or in-kind donations, please contact Rachel Chung at rchung@wishtoyo.org

Already a Member? You can make a General Donation HERE


What is Wishtoyo Membership?

Wishtoyo Members support the programs and growth of our Native-led non-profit organization, and enable us to support our communities in return. That means your gift allows us to educate the youth, protect the environment, preserve Chumash history, culture, and spiritual ways of life, and empower other First Nations Peoples on a local to an international scale.

Most importantly, we want you to know that every dollar of your gift counts. Generous foundation support has underwritten all of our overhead and operating costs so 100% of your donation will go directly towards our programs!

What is a Sustaining Member?

A Sustaining Member is a supporter who gives annually or monthly. These recurring gifts provide critical financial stability and demonstrate your commitment to supporting our work. Easily become a Sustaining Member by choosing "Annually" or "Monthly" under Donation Frequency!

  • ALL Members receive access and/or discounts to Members-only events

  • Membership levels $50+ and Sustaining Members receive exclusive Wishtoyo merchandise

  • Native Nations community members receive discounted membership***

What is your impact?

We envision a world rooted in understanding and respect... respect for the First Peoples of the places we live, for the land, water, and air that we depend upon, and for all living and non-living beings that support our existence.

Together with your friendship and support, we will continue to lead the fight to create this vision, for ourselves and for future generations. By joining our membership program you can count yourself among a movement that is working to create a better, healthier, and more inclusive world for the human family.

Our members make our work possible. Kiyaqinalin - Thank you!

***Native American and First Nations community members are eligible for $15 annual membership rate. Simply enter "15" into the custom donation amount box before you checkout.