Human Rights Day - Stand Up For Someone's Rights!

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V), inviting all States and interested organizations to observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day.

This year, Human Rights Day calls on everyone to stand up for someone's rights!

Wishtoyo Chumash Village will host a community gathering to share ceremony, conversation, activities and action!

December 10, 2016      10 a.m. 4 p.m. 

Free Family/Community Event

Wishtoyo Chumash Village

33904 Pacific Coast Highway

Things to Know/Bring

  • Tend to Village protocols that are listed on site, bring offering tobacco.

  • Bring: water, camp chair, dress warm, water, sack lunch

  • Contemplate what Human Rights means to you, your family and community; to the World.

  • Be ready to engage in a circular conversation on this topic and what actions you can personally and collectively make to “Stand up for someone’s rights today!” – Standing Rock Example

  • Activities: Conversation, Art, Yoga, Collective Action,  Sunset Ceremony

For More Information call: Luhui at 805.729.7692



Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Steven's Climate Change Documentary Premieres October 30th

Don’t miss Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Steven’s Before the Flood, a documentary that takes people on a journey around the world to explore the causes and effects of climate change and lays out the case for urgent action and a rapid transition off of fossil fuels. Before the Flood airs on National Geographic Channel on 10/30 at 9/8c on October 30th but you can also stream it for free on other online platforms including Facebook and Hulu.

Wishtoyo staff was given the opportunity to screen Before the Flood before its premiere. We were so moved and motivated by the urgent truths it conveys and we hope you will be too. It is a great tool to share with people of all backgrounds, from scientists to families to climate deniers. Our collective actions today will determine the future health of our children and our planet.

Watch the trailer HERE.

Ceremonial Gathering and Exchange with Ainu Representatives of Hokkaido, Japan

Beautiful Ceremonial Exchange and Gathering at Wishtoyo Chumash Village with Ainu Representatives. The Ainu are the Indigenous People of Hokkaido Japan.

We experienced a powerful exchange of tradition, culture, gifts and conversation with Ainu repesentatives, Mr. Shimuizu, President of Kotan-No-Ka, and Mr. Hashimoto. Our women sang the Ainu guests into the ceremonial gathering area called "sil'i'yik" as Mati Waiya cleansed them with our sacred sage.

We learned that we have much in common through traditional practice and in the protection of our Indignenous knowledge, sacred sites, repatriation of our ancestors, and a healthy future of cultural resources and healthy environment for future generations. 

Special thanks to Professor Ann-elise Lewallen, Author of "The Fabric of Indigeneity: Ainu Identity, Gender, and Settler Colonialism in Japan," for her extraordinary skill and grace as interpreter, to Wishtoyo's First Nations Officer, Alicia Corder and Bob Morris of Paradise Cove Cafe who provided abundant and decadent Paella for the occassion. 

Wishtoyo to Attend City of Los Angeles Press Conference this Friday

September 30, 2016 - The City of Los Angeles will be gathering for a press conference at City Hall to discuss issues regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). In attendance will be representatives from the Tongva, Tataviam, Inca and Anahuacalmec communities; various elected officials; and celebrities who will speak on the issue.

CLICK HERE for full Press Release

Honor the Ocean: A Celebration of LA's Indigenous Maritime Peoples and MPAs

The Los Angeles Marine Protected Area Collaborative invites you to celebrate Los Angeles’ underwater parks. California’s MPAs preserve our stunning marine ecosystems for future generations.

The event begins with a ceremonial blessing from the Chumash community, followed by the rare opportunity to see a tomol, the Chumash redwood planked and sewn canoe, the “Xax A’lul-koy” (Great Dolphin) at the beach, and guests can enjoy storytelling by Chumash elders. 

L.A. County lifeguards will be on hand to provide information on ocean safety and Malibu Makos will be offering free surf lessons. L.A. Waterkeeper will have their boat offshore, crewed by students from the Sherman Indian School, after conducting an MPA Watch Boat-Based Survey.

Our collaborative partners will provide marine education and fun activities. Come and learn about:

  • Marine Protected Area science and monitoring and science

  • Chumash history, culture, stories, traditions and maritime education

  • Coastal volunteer opportunities and citizen science

  • Marine biology and touch pools

  • Watershed education

  • Free surf lessons by Malibu Makos


2016 Coastal Cleanup Day - Sept. 17th, 9am-12pm @ Mugu Rock Beach

Join Wishtoyo Foundation and its Ventura Coastkeeper program at Mugu Rock Beach for the California Coastal Commission’s annual Coastal Cleanup Day this Saturday, September 17th, at 9:00am. You can help create safer and healthier beaches for our communities and the wildlife we share them with. Please see our flyer or Facebook event for more details. Hope to see you there! (RSVP not necessary)

CLICK HERE for flyer
CLICK HERE for Facebook event page
CLICK HERE for Coastal Commission website & other Cleanup locations


First Nations Youth from Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut at Wishtoyo's Chumash Village Summer Camp

Four Days of Wishtoyo's Cultural and Environmental Summer Camp with the Tachi Yokut Youth! What an incredible time we are all having. Sharing and exchanging our cultural traditions has been inspirational. Watching these young ones come out of their shells and sing their songs around the sacred fire during ceremony is such an inspiration bringing hope for the future. Each day of activities has been both a challenge and fun! But with this group, no challenge is tuff enough to keep them from participating. Surfing lessons, hiking, Atlatl competition, learning Chumash Ethnobotany, marine science, and how our bioregions have shaped our living cultures for thousands of years.  This knowledge and remembering is being re-awakened in the First Nations Youth of today! They are the Leaders and Teachers of the future.

Special Thanks to Darlene Franco for coordinating with us, Tom of Makos Surf Camp at Zuma Beach for always being so generous of heart to all of our youth, and to all of our Chumash Community Educators who add invaluable knowledge, safety, and expertise to all of Wishtoyo's Camps!

Coldwater Canyon Elementary Students Learn How the Ocean Connects All Life!!

Coldwater Canyon Elementary School's Third Grade Students came on a field trip to Wishtoyo Chumash Village May 18th to increase their knowledge of Chumash history, culture, and modern ways. They were delightfully astounded by the beauty and interconnectedness the ocean provides for all life and how the ocean has helped shape Chumash Culture. We silently observed the near shore rocky inter-tidal ecosystem, singing an earth island song as the off shore breeze enveloped a group of youngsters quietly paying witness to something new and yet familiar. They seemed exhilarated breathing in the ocean air. After they completed their field trip to Wishtoyo Chumash Village the teacher texted me from the bus ride back to school and said, " Thank you for a wonderful experience that our kids will never forget. So many of them had never seen the ocean!" Never seen the ocean when you live in Los Angeles? Wow! So happy that we were able to bring another school group to experience the beauty and depth of our Maritime Culture and the Great Mother Ocean! -- Luhui Isha

Santa Barbara Students of Cleveland Elementary School Studying Endangered Plant Species

Students from Cleveland Elementary School studying the phenology of the San Clemente Island bush mallow (Malacothamnus clementinus), a rare species endemic to San Clemente Island that was put on the federally endangered species list in 1977 when it was nearing extinction due to feral goats on San Clemente Island. Since the U.S. Navy removed the goats from the island in the 1990s, this plant species is making a significant recovery. During Wishtoyo's Native Plant Phenology Citizen Science program, these third grade students learn the importance of paying attention to the appearance of Native Plants through the seasons, developing a relationship with them, and learn what their status is. They learn of efforts being made to bring back healthy populations of these species and others through participating in Native Plant Restoration projects and citizen science projects like the one at Wishtoyo Chumash Village. They are encouraged to think about starting a project at their own school, even at home! Great group of student citizen scientists. Special thanks to Nicholas Hummingbird for planting this beauty a few years ago and to the student's teacher, Ms. Sue Nakao!

Community Spring Equinox Celebration & Kokopelli Spirit Journey Commencement

Wishtoyo Chumash Village is honored to host the commencement of the Kokopelli Spirit Journey during its Annual Spring Equinox Celebration and Ceremony, March 20, 2016. 

The Kokopelli Spirit Journey's mission is to raise awareness regarding Indigenous cultures in Southern California and to help preserve the Blythe Giant Geoglyphs! To follow the journey go to: kokopellispiritjourney  

Women's Winter Water Elements Gathering

February 18 - 21 us women, Native and Non-Native alike, gathered in prayer, meditation and ceremony to deepen our relationship with the element of Water and to focus on the ways in which to expand our relationship and understanding with the waters so as to take better care it, of ourselves, our families, our communities and the world. On the last of the four days together, we experienced a re-birthing into the mother ocean! Truly amazing leadership by our Elder Women: Tule River Elder, Marcia H. Estrada, Mexica Elder, Tiahuimaquilli (Maria Miranda) and Mexica Elder, Zitla Papahki (Trudy Robles), Deborah Hopkins, Chumash and Luhui Isha, Chumash and Mexica, who hosted the ceremony at Wishtoyo Chumash Village.

The much needed rain that poured down through the night last night was a beautiful blessing in preparing for our Beloved Chumash Elder, Angela Melendez, who's memorial will be held at Wishtoyo Chumash Village at 1:00 p.m. today. Thank you Auntie Angela for the Blessing of the Rain!


Wishtoyo's Inter-Tribal Cultural and Marine Science Summer Field Study 2016!

Wishtoyo's Inter-Tribal Cultural & Marine Science Summer Field Study in Partnership with Pitzer Native American Youth to College Program. Read More...

Application for Summer 2016 must go through

Program Dates

  • July 22nd – August 5th, 2016 – Summer Program (9th, 10th, 11th grades)
    • July 22nd, 2016 – Orientation @ Wishtoyo Chumash Village
    • July 22nd – July 29th, 2016 –  Wishtoyo Chumash Village Stay
    • July 29th – August 5th – Pitzer College
    • Sunday, August 5th, 2016 – Graduation @ Pitzer College
  • Application Deadline                                                Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 5PM
  • Notification of Decision                                           Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 5PM

If you have any questions regarding the applications or anything else, please contact Pitzer Program Director Scott Scoggins at 909.706.5948 or or Wishtoyo Cultural Resources & Education Director, Luhui Isha at 805.729.7692 or