Coldwater Canyon Elementary Students Learn How the Ocean Connects All Life!!

Coldwater Canyon Elementary School's Third Grade Students came on a field trip to Wishtoyo Chumash Village May 18th to increase their knowledge of Chumash history, culture, and modern ways. They were delightfully astounded by the beauty and interconnectedness the ocean provides for all life and how the ocean has helped shape Chumash Culture. We silently observed the near shore rocky inter-tidal ecosystem, singing an earth island song as the off shore breeze enveloped a group of youngsters quietly paying witness to something new and yet familiar. They seemed exhilarated breathing in the ocean air. After they completed their field trip to Wishtoyo Chumash Village the teacher texted me from the bus ride back to school and said, " Thank you for a wonderful experience that our kids will never forget. So many of them had never seen the ocean!" Never seen the ocean when you live in Los Angeles? Wow! So happy that we were able to bring another school group to experience the beauty and depth of our Maritime Culture and the Great Mother Ocean! -- Luhui Isha