Santa Barbara Students of Cleveland Elementary School Studying Endangered Plant Species

Students from Cleveland Elementary School studying the phenology of the San Clemente Island bush mallow (Malacothamnus clementinus), a rare species endemic to San Clemente Island that was put on the federally endangered species list in 1977 when it was nearing extinction due to feral goats on San Clemente Island. Since the U.S. Navy removed the goats from the island in the 1990s, this plant species is making a significant recovery. During Wishtoyo's Native Plant Phenology Citizen Science program, these third grade students learn the importance of paying attention to the appearance of Native Plants through the seasons, developing a relationship with them, and learn what their status is. They learn of efforts being made to bring back healthy populations of these species and others through participating in Native Plant Restoration projects and citizen science projects like the one at Wishtoyo Chumash Village. They are encouraged to think about starting a project at their own school, even at home! Great group of student citizen scientists. Special thanks to Nicholas Hummingbird for planting this beauty a few years ago and to the student's teacher, Ms. Sue Nakao!