Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Steven's Climate Change Documentary Premieres October 30th

Don’t miss Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Steven’s Before the Flood, a documentary that takes people on a journey around the world to explore the causes and effects of climate change and lays out the case for urgent action and a rapid transition off of fossil fuels. Before the Flood airs on National Geographic Channel on 10/30 at 9/8c on October 30th but you can also stream it for free on other online platforms including Facebook and Hulu.

Wishtoyo staff was given the opportunity to screen Before the Flood before its premiere. We were so moved and motivated by the urgent truths it conveys and we hope you will be too. It is a great tool to share with people of all backgrounds, from scientists to families to climate deniers. Our collective actions today will determine the future health of our children and our planet.

Watch the trailer HERE.