VCK monitors Ventura County’s waterbodies for pollution, and uses the results of its monitoring efforts to protect the water quality and ecological integrity of Ventura County’s coastal and inland waterbodies.

At the heart of VCK’s monitoring efforts are its volunteer composed Stream Teams that record water quality data in the field and take water samples to analyze in our lab. VCK’s Staff and Stream Team monitor in accordance with VCK’s Volunteer Water Monitoring Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), that is certified and approved by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. Additionally, VCK monitors by reviewing discharge monitoring reports to determine permit compliance levels and by visually inspecting waterways for illegal fills. 

In October, 2009, Ventura Coastkeeper expanded its Watershed Monitoring Program to 6 Stream Team Routes & 35 Monitoring Locations spanning waterways, coastal waters, and storm drains in the Calleguas Creek Watershed, Santa Clara River Watershed, Ormond Beach Watershed, and in various Ventura County Coastal Watersheds.

Ventura Coastkeeper’s Stream Teams are composed of VCK staff and volunteers interested in protecting Ventura County’s waterbodies, enjoying nature, serving the public as watershed stewards, and learning about water quality monitoring.

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