City of Ventura WRF Litigation   (Click Here)

Sewage discharges from treatment plants, leaky sewage infrastructure, and massive sewage spills contain excessive nutrient concentrations, toxic metals, dangerous bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants that threaten the health of: beachgoers, surfers, people who come into contact with waterways, aquatic ecosystems, and endangered species such as the Southern California Steelhead. This VCK campaign, seeks to ensure that sewage does not impair the water quality and ecological integrity of Ventura County’s inland and coastal waterbodies, and our beaches for human and wildlife beneficial uses.

VCK’s Sewage Campaign is focused on: 1.) Advocating for more protective water quality regulations and NPDES permits; 2.) Monitoring Sewage Treatment Plant (POTW) discharges via reviewing NPDES permits and examining monitoring reports for NPDES permit compliance; and, 3.) Initiating citizen enforcement and legal action where necessary to ensure NPDES permit and Clean Water Act compliance.

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