Dancer of the Santa Clara River Clan. His vision is to preserve the culture, language and history of his native people and bring it to the awareness of the general public. He has made presentations at government hearings, schools, public events, parks and museums around California and has consulted on Native American issues with universities, state agencies, community groups, and environmental organizations.

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Wishtoyo Thanks U.S. Fish & Wildlife and the Manhattan Beach Brownies Troop for Native Plants donations!   - July 2010
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Wishtoyo achieves its educational goal by presenting programs for schools, students and the general public, in addition to grass roots organizations and Native American groups. Mati Waiya, Founder and Executive Director, also brings programs tovenues such as the Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach, CA). Waiya often appears in full Chumash regalia, and generously shares his knowledge of Chumash values, lifeways and history, with stories passed down for generations. He also performs dances with fellow Chumash Dolphin Dancers, and sings Chumash songs. 

Medicinal plants sage & mugwort surround the interior
of the Ap'a'yik (sweathouse) in preparation
for the Spring Equinox Ceremony March 2009.

 These traditions awaken one's spirit and teaches the inherent human values of Respect, Honor, Humility, Responsibility and Awareness of one's natural surroundings, its plants, wildlife and sustainable ways. 

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