We have organized various Chumash artifacts in categories to aid you in better viewing those items of interest to you.

We have many examples of the things we make in this two-dimensional artifacts museum. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the individual who has made these beautiful pieces possible, Dr. Kent Christensen:

Dr. Christensen has had a lifelong interest in North American Native cultures and curates a private museum containing pristine examples of their art and artifacts. He began replicating rare and difficult to obtain Chumash items for his own museum, using similar materials and methods as in the original artifacts. After retiring from 32 years of dentistry, he devoted full time to replicating Chumash artifacts for various museums and organizations. He aids Native Americans with their regalia (by invitation) to demonstrate at gatherings. He was adopted by the Chumash of the Santa Clara River Valley Turtle Clan and named (Keeper of the Way) by a Kawaisu Elder. He is frequently asked to conduct educational seminars for park rangers, museums, and many schools (elementary through college level) on the subject of Native Americans.

He speaks to archaeological societies, Sierra clubs, Audubon society and gem and mineral societies. His genuine enthusiasm for the wide range of subjects makes it enjoyable for people of all ages to attend his seminars.