In a final attempt to protect the Ormond Beach Wetlands, Mugu Lagoon, and Oxnard’s Coastal Waters from the developments set forth in the Ormond Beach Specific Plan, Wishtoyo’s Ventura Coastkeeper Program has submitted extensive comments to the Oxnard City Council.  The comments follow submission of written comments and oral testimony at the December 10, 2010 Oxnard Planning Commission Meeting.  

VCK’s comments request that the Council not certify the EIR and nor approve the Specific Plan because as proposed the new development in the Ormond Beach Specific Plan would thwart Ormond Beach Wetland restoration plans, promote land uses in Ormond Beach that are incompatible with the public's connection to Ormond Beach wetlands, and would impair the ecological integrity and water quality of the Ormond Beach Wetlands, Mugu Lagoon, and Ventura County’s coastal waters.

VCK’s extensive 54 page Comment Letter (Click Here) sets forth 16 independent grounds as to why the Specific Plan is legally inadequate under the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) as it pertains to mitigating the project’s impact on  the water quality and biological resources of Mugu Lagoon, the Ormond Beach Wetlands, and Oxnard’s coastal marine waters to a less than significant effect.