Kiddie Beach, in Channel Islands Harbor, was declared one of California's most polluted beaches for the past several years, per Heal the Bay's annual Beach Report Card. ( The high bacteria levels often made the beach unhealthful for swimming.

Ventura Coastkeeper, along with the Beacon Foundation participated on the Ventura County Kiddie Beach Task Force for almost three years and was the sole community based organization member for nearly a year.  The committee was set up to address the pollution problems, research possible remedies, and advise on the policy for opening and closing the beach. During that time Ventura Coastkeeper made numerous recommendations addressing the water quality problem. Except for finally conducting a DNA test, those recommendations were basically ignored. There was an ongoing conflict regarding cause and remedy; there are birds in the area, which, Harbor officials claim, are the root cause of the pollution. However, it has been shown that the lack of circulation in the Harbor, and Harbor boating practices, contribute to the accumulation of the existing bacteria. And the DNA test proved that there is sewage contamination as well.