The County is re-modeling J-St. Drain to expand its flood protection capacity, providing opportunities to pave over J. Street Drain with a vegetated trail and to build infrastructure into the drain to prevent trash from impairing waterbodies.  

3 Mile Vegetated Trail On Top of J-St. Drain: VCK will be hosting events for Oxnard Residents to sign petitions and letters to ask public officials to choose & support a project alternative to bury the J-St. Drain & provide a beautiful 3 mile vegetated trail on top of  the Drain from Redwood St. to Ormond Beach, that would prevent trash from entering our coastal waters. This would improve neighborhood beauty, resident well being, property value, recreational opportunities, tourism, wildlife health, and coastal water quality! 

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Preventing Trash From Entering the Drain and Impairing Waterbodies

Through the CEQA process, VCK is also advocating for physical infrastructure to be built into J.Street Drain to prevent trash from impairing the Ormond Beach Wetlands, Ventura County Beaches, and marine waters.