Wishtoyo achieves its educational goal with presentations of programs for schools, youth organizations, community groups and the general public. Presentations can be provided at Wishtoyo's Malibu Chumash Village, or at school venues. (Contact information below)

Mati Waiya, Founder and Executive Director, and Luhui Isha Waiya, Cultural Resource and Education Director, also bring programs to schools and other venues. Waiya and Luhui Isha Waiya generously share their knowledge of Chumash values, lifeways and history, with stories passed down for generations. Waiya also performs dances, songs and shares Chumash stories that impart ancient Chumash values.  These traditions awaken one's spirit and teach the inherent human values of Respect, Honor, Humility, Responsibility and Awareness of one's natural surroundings.

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School Presentations

Directions to the Village

Executive Director Mati Waiya performs
Chumash dances, songs

The response received from schools and the community is  overwhelming - all express appreciation and gratitude and return year after year. Wishtoyo aims for a continued effort to increase the number of programs to benefit students and children - our future environmental stewards.

Wishtoyo Chumash Village, Malibu

Adelante School visit , 5th graders 

UCLA Elementary School teacher:

"Wishtoyo has conducted extraordinary Chumash cultural experiences on our school site. Wishtoyo's influence began with our third graders. Demonstrations have evolved from the classroom to the school's amphitheater. Wishtoyo has tailor-made programs for us (including our parent body). Programs have been so beautifully presented that I have asked for a return performance each fall to launch our Native American studies.
  Not only have our children learned about the Chumash culture, but also were taught about the important role the environment plays in our world today. Last Spring, we incorporated our community service learning of Friends of Ballona Wetlands and oak restoration at Malibu State Park into our third grade curriculum.
  Through Wishtoyo's inspiration and guidance, we have gained a deeper appreciation of the traditions, history, and culture of the Chumash people."

Children participate in hands-on tasks: 

Comments from 7-9 year olds after Mati Waiya's performance of storytelling, dancing and Chumash songs over a campfire for them:

...."happy to know that someone wanted to bring back the Indian ideals. Because without the Indians, we wouldn't have a lot. They need to get the credit they deserve."
"It was nice of them to come and share with us. I liked the instruments and everyone touched them - they trusted us!"
"It was so great meeting someone who knows so much about the Indians. I was amazed about how long Indians lived here."
"I learned that what you make and give to someone is always special because it comes from the heart."
"I was impressed by all the artifacts they made."
"I liked the storytelling. He (Mati Waiya) put it in his words and acted as the eagle."

Educators at the school expressed the following:

"Obviously, from the student comments, Wishtoyo's presentation had a big impact on everyone. Focus was put on how the Indians took care of the Earth and how we can continue to preserve our Earth today. 
Everyone enjoyed realizing the tribal traditions and the contributions they play in our everyday lives."