The Ventura CoastKeeper is a community based, non-profit, membership organization dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring Ventura County's marine habitat, coastal waters, and watershed. The CoastKeeper strives to maintain a healthy environment for everyone in our diverse community through advocacy, education, enforcement and citizen action. The Ventura CoastKeeper was officially launched in November 2000 at Ventura Harbor, complete with a ceremonial blessing of the 22-foot patrol boat that Executive Director, Mati Waiya, uses to patrol the Ventura coastline and respond to calls about pollution in the area.


    Rainbow Bridge Dinner 2001

Join us on November 10th, 2001 for the first annual "Rainbow Bridge" dinner and silent auction to benefit Wishtoyo and the Ventura CoastKeeper. 

The event will be hosted by Beau Bridges and will feature Chumash inspired cuisine, a silent auction, Chumash storytelling and more. 

For details call 805.382.4540.


Ventura CoastKeeper Programs

Patrols: The Ventura CoastKeeper patrols the Ventura Harbor and surrounding areas to make our presence as an enforcer of the Clean Water Act, be known. The vessel is also used for investigative purposes.

Calleguas Creek Watershed Management Plan and Citizen Water Quality Monitoring: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers Calleguas Creek - which supplies more than a quarter of the country's deeds for drinking and irrigation water as one of the region's most seriously damaged watersheds. The Ventura CoastKeeper has joined several Subcommittees of the Calleguas Creek Watershed Management Plan. The VCK is also working with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to begin a water quality monitoring program within the Calleguas watershed.

Nicholas Creek Stream Restoration: The Ventura CoastKeeper is undertaking a project that involves removing invasive, exotic species within the creek at Nicholas Canyon County Beach and Park. VCK is also exploring a potential steelhead restoration project to return the native fish species to the creek. In addition, Nicholas Canyon County Beach and Park is the site for creation of a living Chumash Village, including traditional dwellings and boats, as well as demonstrations with stories and dances depicting the Native American commitment to the air, land and water. The project's goal is to foster environmental awareness among children and adults in the community by hosting school and community groups at the village and restoration sites.

Ahmanson Land Company Project: Ahmanson Ranch is a 5,433-acre development project proposed for an area lying in the Santa Monica Mountains east of Ventura. The development threatens endangered species and Native American archeological sites. Other groups collaborating in the effort to save this land and the watershed within it include: Cal Trout, Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation and the California Native Plant Society.

Point Mugu: The Ventura CoastKeeper takes special interest in the health of the Mugu Lagoon because of its designation of an Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS), the ongoing environmental cleanups the military is undertaking within the wetlands and because the lagoon is a traditional Chumash Village site. In order to ensure that the strictest environmental standards are applied to one of the Southern California's largest remaining wetlands, the Ventura CoastKeeper has joined the Restoration Advisory Board to participate in decision-making, which will affect the future health of this important site.


The Water Keeper Alliance

Ventura CoastKeeper is one of 75 Keeper organizations that operate nationally under the Water Keeper Alliance, which is headed by Robert Kennedy, Jr. A keeper is a full-time privately funded, non-governmental ombudsperson whose special responsibility is to be the public advocate for regional waters. The Keeper organizations fill the gap between water pollution laws and the government's ability to enforce them. Keepers fight on a daily basis to protect the health of coasts, rivers, bays, deltas and sounds, and are probably most well known for our willingness to use the courts to enforce environmental laws if necessary. Keeper programs employ a variety of strategies to enforce environmental laws including conducting water quality monitoring, participating in coastal planning, educating the public and devising solutions to water quality problems, and if necessary pursuing litigation as a final step to enforcement.



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